Planetary postions at Tanmoy's birth

Date of birth: Monday, 5th November 1962, Bengali 19th kArttika 1369, at 17:50 IST (0530 east of Greenwich) in Calcutta (22.32°N 88.22°E). (That corresponds to the Julian Date 2437974.013889). According to the Drik Panchang site, the calendrical and astrological details are as follows:

somavAra kArttika shuklA aSTamI shAka 1884 shubhakrit
makara rAshi, shravaNA nakSatra
vAsara: chandra, sunrise: 05:46, sunset: 16:53, moonrise: 12:10, moonset: 23:35
shaka samvat: 1884 Shubhakrit(36), vikram/gujarati samvat: 2019 Rakshasa(49) 
amanta/purnimanta month: Kartik, paksha: Shukla, tithi: Ashtami till 24:08
nakshatra: Shravana(22) till 20:17
yoga: gaNDa(10) till 21:19, karana: Bava(17) till 24:08
sunsign: Tula, moonsign: Makara
drik/vedic ayana: dakSiNa, drik ritu: hemanta, vedic ritu: sharad
Anandadi yoga: Siddhi till 20:17, Tamil yoga: Amrita till 20:17
Homahuti: Shukra, Agnivasa: Prithvi
Disha shool: East, Rahu Kala vasa: Noth-West, Chandra Vasa: South
17:30-19:28 Good Muhurta, 17:39-19:28 Vrishabha
Gopashtami, Masik Durgashtami

I got the planet positions at this time using a free astrology site: so you can also see what kind of a person I am by visiting that file. (I recently got another one, yet another, yet another and a lunar one). I managed to get planet positions from another astrology source as well; depending on which aYaNAMsa you prefer, select one of the following links: lahiri or raman (These don't have any readings). And, on the same vein, you can find a kabalarian analysis of my first name, a numerological analysis, results obtained from an IQ test, my Star Trek personality, my wine personality, my Celestial personality, or read about my personality as found through a quiz or an internet test, Jungian test, or what a test thinks people like about me. A different Jung Typology test characterized me as having 44% preference for Extraversion over Introversion, 50% iNtuitive over Sensing, 12% Feeling over Thinking, and 22% Perceiving over Judging, i.e., ENFP instead of ENTP. Yet another of these finds me 41% Extraverted over Intraverted for Mind, 43% iNtuitive over observant for Energy, 18% Feeling over Thinking for Nature, 25% Prospecting over Judging for Tactics and 47% Assertive over Turbulent for identity, a remarkable similarity to the previous one. Finally a Facebook app thinks I am blue.

Calendrically, it was probably (day/month/year) Saka 14/8/1884, Tripura 1372, Chaitanya 476, Kali 5063, Vikram 2019, Tamil 20/7/1962, Telugu 14/8/1962, Malayalam 20/3/1138, Chinese 9/10/4660, Islamic 7 Jumad t-Tania 1382, and Hebrew 8 Kheshvan 5723, just to name a few. In the Hindu lunar calendar, it was Monday, shuklA ashtamI of kArttika.

According to the ephemeris commonly used in Bengal (i.e. using formulae from a long time back), the planetary positions at sunrise on that and the next day are given below. I have also interpolated to the time of my birth. a.b.c stands for a daNDa=ghaTi (1/60 of sunrise to sunrise, roughly 24 minutes), b pala=vikalA (1/60 ghaTi), c anupala (1/60 pala); except for sunrise and sunset where it is a hours b minutes c seconds IST. a.b.c.d means zodiac (rAshi or aMsha) a (0=Aries; 1 zodiac=30 deg), b degrees, c minutes, d seconds, except for mu. rAhu and ketu are the two points where the moons orbit intersect the ecliptic. mu. is the fraction of the daytime in pAda (4 pAda = 1 ahorAtra broken down hexadecimally).

sunrise 19 kArttikasunrise 20 kArttika19 kArttika 17:50 IST
day 27.46.21 27.43.36 27.44.59
night 32.13.19 32.16.24 32.14.52
di. mu.
di. mu.
sunrise05.46.52 05.46.44 05.46.49
sunset 16.53.24 16.52.10 16.52.48

These don't quite agree with the other chart because these are based on formulae which are off by a couple of hours, and other inaccuracies in either calculatuion. The Suryasiddhnata calculator gives different results: see here.

For astrological purposes: the following information is relevant: rAshi: makara; gaNa: rAkSasa. ascendants: Aries 15.52, Taurus 17.30, Gemini 19.26, Cancer 21.39, Leo 23.56. Planet movements: 9th mercury to citrA, 14th mercury to Libra, 18th mars to ashleSA, 18th mercury to svAtI, where the asterism names are listed in order in the bengali calendar page. These also disagree with the Suryasiddhanta caclculation linked to from the last para.

The tables give: column 1 from top the day of the week (1=Sunday), the tithi (1=shuklA pratipada), and the times when it ends (sets of daNDa=ghaTi,pala,anupala, usually only one ending in an ahorAtra); column 2 the nakSatra (1 = ashvini), the time when it ends, the karaNa; column 3 the yoga the times when it ends and the day of the bengalii month.
 19 kArttika  20 kArttika  
  22210  32311 
  82631  92424 
 334127 29 254 
 3617 4  95952 
 45 019 12 220 

In the following (which has probably been miscopied), the planet postions are shown at the moment of birth, the numbers indicating the nakSatras (1=azvini). I cannot reproduce the calculation.

                         \   |       |   /    
                          \ca|       |  /     
                           \5|       | /vR    
                            \|       |/ 24    
                         ma  |       |ke 22   
                             |       |	     
                         rA 8|       |za 21   
                             |       |	     
                            /|       |\	     
                           / | zu 16 | \	     
                          /bu| ra 14 |  \     
                         / 13|       |   \    

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