"What do people like about you?"

I got the following by taking the test at bitecharge on May 31st 2014.


You have a very alluring and enchanting personality. When people meet you, they never feel pressured or deceived. Simply, they forget everything and get sucked in to your fascinating stories. Your stories have a life of their own and people genuinely love 'em. In a world full of scammers and con artists, it is a breath of fresh air to meet someone who's exceptionally enjoyable yet so human. And that is precisely you!

"What two words describe you?"

I got this one by taking another test at the same site on June 4th 2014.

Selflessly Caring

You care deeply and selflessly. When you truly care for someone, you make them an important part of you. You stay with them through their sorrows and heal their pains. No one can even say they protect and care as much as you for someone whom you love. Your loved ones never forget you and they always keep you in their hearts!