My astrological chart

I found the following by checking Earthlink astrological service. In one part it thinks that the ascendant (the constellation on the eastern horizon at the time of birth) was Gemini, but in another part it thinks it is Taurus!

Positions of Planets at Birth:

Tanmoy's Chart Wheel
Date of Birth: November 5, 1962
Time of Birth: 05:50 PM
Birth Place: Calcutta, India
Sun     Position is 12 deg. 38 min. of Scorpio
Moon    Position is 15 deg. 33 min. of Aquarius
Mercury Position is 00 deg. 43 min. of Scorpio
Venus   Position is 24 deg. 08 min. of Scorpio
Mars    Position is 11 deg. 57 min. of Leo
Jupiter Position is 02 deg. 48 min. of Pisces
Saturn  Position is 05 deg. 13 min. of Aquarius
Uranus  Position is 04 deg. 45 min. of Virgo
Neptune Position is 13 deg. 12 min. of Scorpio
Pluto   Position is 12 deg. 14 min. of Virgo

The Chartwheel

Character and Personality

The following paragraphs concern the study of Tanmoy's personality, as induced by the positions of the planets and Rising sign. Some of the character traits mentioned may seem completely contradictory and incompatible. This is because the rough-hewn personality is a rarity. Usually, individuals are made up of a subtle orchestration of many different tones or aspects. However, serious introspection or detailed analysis should make it possible to distinguish the opposing or diverging images comprising Tanmoy's overall character, and perhaps, in time, find the best and most harmonious way to integrate them.

Tanmoy has a complex personality. He is astir with contradictory impulses and desires, some of them imperious. Although his rational mind is highly developed and seems to be the source of motivation for his behavior, the most significant realm of his psychology is his subconscious. Therein, a conflict between understanding and feeling is raging, between the psychological functions of thought and sensation (C.G. Jung's terms). Until this conflict subsides, he feels a sensation of emptiness. He is troubled by and unable to explain this feeling, which leads him to adopt an attitude of doubt and skepticism. This conflict, and its various ramifications, are the main obstacle to his individuation. His task consists of becoming the master of the energies of his subconscious, and developing his consciousness in terms of the hidden and invisible. His evolution will occur through a series of metamorphoses and rebirths. However, at certain points in his life, despite his caution and clear thinking, Tanmoy finds himself in situations he neither desired nor planned, as a result of explosions and eruptions of the elements fermenting in his psyche. He always survives the worst physical, emotional, or intellectual tests, however, fairly unscathed, because of his ability to be reborn and start afresh. As a partner, Tanmoy can be difficult to live with. He dislikes obedience and submission, and does not always know how to make compromises. His demeanor may be frosty and distant at times, and he has a taste for challenging, provocative remarks. To prove his own superiority, he likes to annoy people into showing their hurt or anger. With himself as well as with others, Tanmoy is sometimes excessive, complicated, somewhat scornful and nasty. In a discussion, he will express a strong, honest opinion without a thought to whether it contradicts anyone else's. In crisis situations, he has such an imperious need to be noticed, such an unbearable fear for his survival, that he needs to prove his existence and difference to himself by doing something outlandish and noticeable. Tanmoy is obsessed with the problem of death. He tends to believe it holds the secret of life; that death can be overcome. Sometimes his anxiety about death is expressed as a search for answers: how can one learn to live with death, how can one detach oneself from the past and its flesh-curdlingly morbid realities... Decay, immobility, ultimate delivery: these images, which are all symbolically associated with death, sometimes haunt him. The anguish they arouse relieves him from the guilt of being the same old fellow, even though he should have changed by now. Intellectually, Tanmoy has powerfully developed intellectual faculties which yield the maximum effectiveness for his behavior. Deductive, analytical, prospective: Tanmoy is at once a researcher, a detective, and a man of science. He is fairly introverted, and his discrimination tends to direct him towards the spheres of inner life. He is astute at drawing rational parallels between phenomena of different origins. His love life will be subject to desire and passion. But since he is more aroused by ideas and fantasies, he may experience lulls in intensity. When he yields to his penchant for emotional upheaval and his desire for coercion and pleasure, he may find himself sailing into the teeth of a hurricane-force gale.

Tanmoy is highly aware of psychological, metaphysical, or mystical questions. The future may hold a complete psychological metamorphosis in store for him.

Tanmoy has a sense of selfless duty and devotion. Work is one of the most important aspects of life for him.

At the time of Tanmoy's birth, his Rising Sign was located in Gemini (the Twins), while the Sun was passing through the constellation of Scorpio (the Scorpion). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide Tanmoy's personality profile; the following key words distill the essence of his character and indicate certain contradictions which may create tension:

Need for contact - Pugnacity - Mental agitation - Charisma - Frivolity - Dignity - Dilettantism - Shrewdness - Immaturity - Concentration - Communication - Positivism - Inner duality - Common sense.

Although his mind is disciplined and straightforward, logical and analytical, Tanmoy is endowed with critical faculties and a remarkable sense of paradox. In fact, he enjoys plying humor, irony, and sometimes sarcasm. His keen insights and incisive observations are his main mental qualities, along with a subtle sense of judgment. It is entirely up to him to apply these virtues and take advantage of them in various social activities. It would be good for him to bid farewell to his tendencies to be morbid or nasty, because he is sometimes likely to indulge in destructive criticism in relation to himself as well as others.

Born in seven to ten days after the rising of the New Moon, Tanmoy is said to be a " First Quarter " lunar type. This " soli-lunar " configuration means that his character is strong-willed and sometimes proud, always determined to buck convention and innovate. Monotony is unbearable to him, and he chafes under the yoke of routine. As a result, he often runs into trouble with authority figures. When overwhelmed by his conscience, he raves about how destructive it is to long for the past, hos ridiculous it is to be old-fashioned, and how obsolete the old values are. Generally speaking, his monthly energy flow crests about seven to ten-and-a-half days after the Full Moon. He would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects. At that time, his initiatives will be most successful, especially if he is trying to create something new and original: cutting edge!

Due to the influence of Jupiter dominating his birth chart, Tanmoy has undeniable social ambition and many resources with which to achieve it (see CAREER POTENTIAL). Relatively confident in himself and his abilities, he has the potential to be a leader and chief. It therefore seems probable that he will rise to success. However, he should question himself about what sort of success he seeks, and at what price. He should be aware that the taste of victory may be bitter if he finds he has sacrificed other aspects of life, like love, friendship, or creativity, to obtain it. He must consciously select what he is willing to invest in order to secure honor, money, and social consideration.

Tanmoy's Sun Sign is Scorpio

Your sign, Tanmoy, is that of intense Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, best characterized by passion, intensity, and emotionality. You are considered to be the most powerful and extreme sign of the zodiac, because you deal with the process of fundamental transformation on all levels.

Pluto is your ruler, Scorpio, and is known as the planet of permanent change and transformation. It is also associated with sex, the life cycle of birth and death, and regeneration.

You are the second of the three water signs. Pluto's influence makes you a charismatic, yet enigmatic person. While you may appear serene on the surface, you contain a magnetic intensity and powerfully hypnotic personality, belied only by a penetrating stare of deep intelligence.

Scorpio, you rule the eighth house of the chart, which is associated with other people's money, possessions, and values, as well as wealth received through inheritance; it also describes how and to what extent we commit, and bond with our partner, both on a sexual and emotional level.

Yours is a fixed sign, Tanmoy, which means that you are steadfast in adversity. Once you put your mind to something, you display self-discipline and staying power. You work stoically to achieve your goals - no matter the cost!

Tanmoy, your strengths lie in your ability to confront and channel powerful emotions and profound insights. With your great tenacity and willpower, you are well suited to positions of authority, thanks also to your firm sense of responsibility, your strategical approaches, and your charismatic aura.

You do have weaknesses, too! You can be blunt and demanding, and at worst, you may become merciless, obsessive, and manipulative. You are known for your passive-aggressive behavior, which sometimes reveals your proclivity for martyrdom. You also run the risk of displaying destructive, and revengeful behavior, which confirms your radical all-or-nothing approach to life.

Your Rising Sign is Taurus

Tanmoy, as a Taurus Rising, you are an ideal friend, a charming companion, and an easy-going partner. Usually you are very agreeable and don't try to impose your own point of view on others. Only on very rare occasions do you get malicious or controlling, therefore, you are someone who is very easy to live with.

Aesthetics and beauty are important to you, and if you are a true Taurus Rising, your home is probably extremely luxurious and comfortable. You can be considered a materialist on a never-ending search for the object or the relationship that will provide you with as much pleasure as possible. All your senses need to be satisfied in order for you to be happy!

You simply love life and all the good things it has to offer, Tanmoy. You are an Epicurean, who likes to eat well, to drink well, and most of all to make love well. As a lover of pleasure and beauty, you feed off of the material and physical satisfaction that your usually established financial situation allows you. The pleasures in your daily life allow you to revitalize yourself, and give you a great deal of confidence in yourself and your self-worth.

Since, as a true Taurus Rising, you can't stand the idea of not having all those pleasurable delights in your life, you are very careful with your money, Tanmoy. Above everything, you appreciate stability and security in your life, and sometimes make plans months in advance. Most of the time, you are very generous with your loved ones as well, but you know how to slow down if your financial situation warrants your attention. Besides, having to spend less isn't a problem for you, because you know better than anyone else how to live in the moment, and to enjoy yourself.