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Tanmoy Bhattacharya

Moon Sign:	Capricorn
Constellation:	Sravana
Greek name:	Alpha, Beta & Gamma Aquilae
Nature:	        Swift

Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is dynamic, energetic, full of movement, creating momentum, motivational, passionate, forceful, vital, inspiring, urgent, active, nervous, chaotic, serendipitous and seeking clarity through action.

A Strategic Thinker

You are a cool, reserved and practical person, and you take pride in your sense of objectivity. You like to think strategically and have a structured and methodical approach to any problem.

You also have good analytical skills, although, at times, they may appear a little pedantic for other people who want to find the quick and easy answer. By nature, you know that generally there are no quick and easy answers and life has taught you that good solutions come through hard work, discipline and perseverance.

Giving Good Counsel

All of this makes you the preferred counsel when it comes to especially complicated problems that seem to have no solution. On good days, you rise to the occasion when presented with such a challenge, and you apply your cool scrutiny to finding the elusive answer.

When you do propose an answer, it is only after careful deliberation. As such it is usually a solid solution that takes the longer-term factors into account. You like to think ahead and anticipate the other challenges and problems that others may not have considered.

Reputation: Honest & Reliable

This may earn you a reputation for a serious, sober or somewhat pessimistic nature—but you understand yourself better than anyone and you know that it is more a result of your practical and realistic character which does not like to get caught unaware. You are a deep person who possesses a definite strength of character. People admire you for this and come to rely on you for your many talents.

You are good hearted, gentle and well respected. You conduct your affairs with a concern for honesty and impeccability. You are direct in your dealings and prefer to take the honest approach in your exchanges with others. You are a reliable, trustworthy person, and you take care to consider the feelings and needs of others. This comes from a broad-minded view of life that understands the balance between judgement and generosity. You have a good sense of empathy, and for the most part are able to put yourself in another person's shoes before drawing a conclusion about them.

High Ideals

Justice is a principle that is very important to you. It's difficult for you to tolerate any injustice committed against you, but even more so against others. You thus make every effort to lend your support to the cause of truth and justice, whether it is in regards to large or small issues. You feel the need to do this with a passion that reflects your commitment to your set of high ideals.

Your Pursuit of Wisdom

You are quite philosophical in your approach to life. You are thoughtful and ponder the deeper meaning of life—its challenges and opportunities. In this, you aspire to realise a high level of understanding, which inspires your pursuit of wisdom. Indeed, as you get older, your appreciation for the world's knowledge traditions will increase. More than just acquiring an understanding of their external forms, you will, as time passes, see the common thread in them all; you will have a good chance to realise their deeper meaning.


You are sensitive and thoughtful in your relationships. This, combined with your insight and sense of inner dignity, endears you to people and makes for generally smooth relations that are mutually beneficial. On the whole, people are at ease relating with you, because they feel that you understand them.


Often, people will perceive your intuitive understanding of a situation; they may even come to rely on your ability to get to the heart of any matter. Because of this, you will enjoy a good deal of respectability and deference from others, which you will put to good use. You may even be seen as something of an authoritative person, to whom others go for good advice or guidance.


Your natural reliability will help make you a good parent, a loyal friend and solid business partner. You appear as a solid character to others around you. Even if you yourself harbour self-doubt, others will tend to see you as a strong person. You have a well-developed sense of community and take great care when relating with family and friends.

Positive Parental Influence

You are lucky to have good parents who have had a very positive influence on building your character. Your mother, especially, offered you a good degree of love and nurturing support. It's clear that you are dear to them and that they are in turn important to you.


You have strong sense of person value, and are generally realistic in your self-assessments. You know where you stand and are always careful about exaggeration or over-estimating your own value. However, there are times when your justifiable pride is expressed ineffectively and will appear boastful, or self-obsessed. This can lead to misunderstandings, especially with people who are of the more sensitive or delicate nature. In the worst case, some people may think you are a little hypocritical. This will only complicate communication and understanding.

The Need for Clear Communication

This situation deserves the effort to bring in clarity through simple and direct communication. In other words, it takes some effort to help people understand you better, to help them get over the appearance of who they think you are - letting them really get to know you. This will create trust and understanding, and they will see more of you than just someone who is distant and uninvolved.

It is certain that this principle can affect both your personal and professional life. You may do better managing the professional side of this than the personal side. In any case, with a little practice and patience you will be able to develop and apply these ideas effectively, which will bring a good deal of practical value to you.

Your Focus & Drive

Hard work is your by-word, and it is not uncommon to see you carefully labour away at your work. You like to complete jobs that you start. You put a lot of your emotional energy into your work, your career or your general efforts and you tend to evaluate yourself on the success and practical fruits of your undertakings. This is one reason for your success, but you should also learn to go easy on yourself and not put too much pressure or expectation on yourself.

Managing Your Expectations

In some cases, your sense of responsibility, discipline, service nature and hard work can add up to you taking on too much. In these cases you will tend to worry, feel pressure and think that it all boils down to you and how well you are doing.

Give yourself a break when this happens and distance yourself from the situation for a short while. It could be a sign that you are stretching yourself too thin and that you need a rest. While you do have an extra-special capacity for getting things done, there is a point where the law of diminishing returns sets in.


This same principle usually extends to your relationships and to the emotional plane. It is easy for you to put yourself out for the needs of others, which is of course a laudable trait. In some cases though, you may tend to assume too much of other people's responsibility which is not fair to you and certainly not good for them.

The danger with this is that other people will come to expect that you are there to do the work that they should be doing, and this can only add to the sense of burden you already feel in those circumstances. In extreme cases, you may even neglect your own needs as you apply your precious energies elsewhere and the cumulative effect results in you being overworked, run down, and feeling taken for granted.

Taking a Balanced Approach

It is easy to avoid these situations as long as you are conscious that it can happen. Apply your sense of discipline to creating a balance in your relationships. Continue to find the satisfaction you get by giving and helping others, but ensure that it is balanced and that other people pull their weight as well.

If you do this, then you will have the added benefit of feeling really good when you see that your little effort has helped a person find their own way and made them stronger to deal with life's challenges. You then won't feel let down or abused by others, which will prevent your developing a suspicious or sceptical mind.

Testing Others

In all cases it's a good idea to put people to the test to find out if they are made of the same quality stuff as you. Discover what people around you are really like, what principles they abide by and how they conduct themselves when things really count.

Free Your Spirit

You can at times become a little too serious and this is not really good for you. Make the extra effort to exercise the freer side of your spirit. Regular entertainment and relaxation will help with this, as will getting together with friends for a laugh and a good time. Don't worry about letting go of the serious stuff for a while, it's always there when you need it!

Developing Your Career

You have a solid mind and a very good memory, which you can use most effectively in developing your career or business. You have an open mind and like to explore new ideas and trends. You carefully listen to other people's views and you give them a sense that you genuinely engage in the discussion. Your logical mind strives to understand and thus you place a good deal of important and energy on dissecting the thoughts and arguments of others. There is a bit of the lawyer in you in this regard.

If you find yourself debating your points, you can do so with a vigour that will even seem court-like to the other person. Take care to avoid taking the discussion too seriously; you may, at times, appear too strong or opinionated. You may have a tendency to want to have the last word, which if taken too regularly will irritate even close friends.


The positive side to your strong mind is the likelihood of a commanding nature that invites people to listen to you what you say. This will help you in your career by giving you an air of authority, which is also supported by your quick grasp of situations. You love to immerse yourself in the detail and it is rare for you to not have a total grasp of the situation. In all, this will help put you in positions of responsibility and lends an executive or leadership quality to your character.

A Sensitive Approach

When you do take a leadership role, it is important that you temper your expressions and direction to avoid misunderstanding from subordinates or colleagues. It may appear at times that you are a bit hard, stern or unfeeling in the way you proscribe tasks and responsibilities.

While this may have a practical application in some cases, for instance in the military, in most cases it will create an impression that does not serve your real interests. In the worst case, it may create a distance between you and others, which will result in a limited understanding of what is really going on. In all cases, take a little bit of extra care with others' feelings. This will go a long way to support your success, happiness and good relations.

Getting the Best Result

A key word for you is “utility”. Due to your practical nature you tend to look at all things and situations as to their functional utility. This applies to objects, ideas, actions and even, in some cases—people. Your nature is to harness the energy and opportunity that exists in everything. You don't like seeing wasted potential. This is an important and positive trait that will influence your entire life and will help carry you to your ultimate success.

A Charmed Existence

You will likely have friends in high places and enjoy their patronage and support. You may even enjoy grants or privileges from governments. This is a theme that will be played out to various degrees at different times in your life. There is a charmed element to your life that will help you be in the right place at the right time. There is an element of magic in your life that seems to guide you; even when things get tough, you will somehow prevail and find your way.

If this happens often enough, you may even come to “expect” good fortune. While it's not your nature to take things for granted, it's always a good idea to stop now and then to reflect on the deeper meaning and purpose of such blessings.


In any case, you will have the chance to pursue your career and life goals with plenty of help and fortuitous opportunity. You will enjoy a good measure of success in your own career, and will be known for your skill, leadership and influence. You will have ample opportunity to increase your wealth, and will have the chance to realise financial gain through a variety of means.

Career Opportunities

You can do well in many different fields, but in any case you will likely be suited to executive or managerial posts because of your leadership abilities. Your analytical and structured mind makes you well suited to the pursuit of law, consulting, science, education or politics. Your diplomatic abilities, good reputation and social graces will also help you move forward in your career. People will come to rely on you both for your good judgement and for your dependability. In brief, you will enjoy to a greater or lesser extent what you may feel is the helping influence of an unseen hand.

Gratitude & Spirituality

In good measure, this will help deepen your appreciation for spiritual and godly ideals. You are a grateful person who understands, by your own experience, the harmonies that exist in nature as well as their secret meaning and purpose. This will deepen with time, as will your own sense of spiritual or humane ideals.

It's possible that you go on to play an important role in the spiritual or religious arena. Of course, the way in which this manifests can be quite varied; indeed, it may equally manifest as a concern for humanitarian or even well motivated political work.

Giving Something Back

You have a generous nature, and appreciate that receiving and giving are two sides of the same coin. Thus, you may be involved in charitable, philanthropic or social work where you are motivated to give something back to society. You could also pursue an interest in mystical or devotional subjects, which would be another expression of your philosophical nature.

A Comprehensive Outlook

You are a community-minded person and care about people and the environment. Indeed, you are a lover of the natural world and have a big vision for man's stewardship of the Earth. While you won't necessarily engage in divination, you do have a type of vision that allows you to see the long-term logical outcome of almost any action.

You have a strong sense of what is happening on the global scene and like to stay abreast of developments socially, politically and environmentally. You appreciate the positive impact of even small efforts, and are generally supportive of social or environmental causes. You will have a chance to play an important role and leave your mark for everyone's benefit. You may even find yourself applying your energies into some of these areas, which will give you a great sense of value and personal achievement.

A Born Egalitarian

You are a broad-minded person and are thus tolerant of other cultures, ideas and philosophies. This is because you have a type of intellect that is able to see the common thread of ideas, even if they are packaged very differently. Your love of justice will urge you to champion the cause of free thought and free action. You enjoy sharing your ideas with others, but you are generally uninterested in imposing your views on them. In many ways, you are a born egalitarian in every sense of the word, and this also helps to increase your popularity.

Intermediary Skills

In exchanging ideas, you are easy going, even in debate. You are a good mediator; you can help reconcile opposing parties through your good communications skills and your ability to help each party take a deeper view of the issues faced by the other.

Expressing Opinions

Under certain circumstances, however, a sense of self-importance can colour your views and adversely affect your dealings with others. When this happens, you can appear opinionated or very strong in your subjective view of things. This can, of course, happen to anyone; but at times you may be especially prone to this, ironically because your ideas are generally welcomed and respected by others. Try to adjust your expression by lessening the central importance of your own views; open up the discussion and take a more relaxed approach to it all. This will help smooth the way for better communication.

Being Prepared

You are careful and thoughtful by nature; you like to explore your options before undertaking any important task. You like to take “informed” decisions. You are not usually impetuous or thoughtless when it comes to the big issues. Past experience has taught you that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Organisation & Devotion

You understand the importance and power of a “good attitude”. You know the power of the mind and its ability to direct the outcome of your actions. You therefore have a kind of precision in the way you do things, taking care to get both the big picture and the details working in harmony with each other.

You appreciate the devotion of a craftsman, and it infuses your own efforts. Like the monk who puts great effort into the simplest task, you have an appreciation that all efforts worthy of your attention deserve your best endeavour—regardless of their size or apparent impact. In this, there is a chance for you to deepen your understanding of life in a mystical way and to grow through your own daily practical work.

Working with Nature

There is a good chance that you are fond of crafts, gardening, or working with your hands. Getting in touch with the earth has a healing and revitalising effect on you. Working with natural materials like wood, stone and fabric will also give similar results. This is a good way to break away from the pressures of your job or the day to day and find relaxation and renewal. Certainly you will pride yourself on your “craftsperson” approach to anything you do, because you equate such descriptions with quality, dignity and value.

Travel & Renewal

It's important for you to enjoy new horizons to keep fresh and vital. Travel is especially helpful with this and you will enjoy a good deal growth and pleasure from travel. Your strong desire for travel and new experiences should be given as much facility as you can manage, as it will broaden your outlook, enrich your view of life, and increase others' interest in you.

Travel is an ever-present theme in your life. You will travel to foreign countries and pursue your interest in other cultures, philosophies and ideas. In general, you will travel in comfort and will meet many interesting people along the way. You will do well in foreign countries, especially if you are pursuing business. You will be well received, and will make lasting friends who appreciate your broad-minded view of life and your ability to blend into any social setting—no matter how foreign it may be.

It is likely that you will particularly enjoy the quiet and tranquillity of the mountains or deserts, both of which allow you to shed any tension and fully relax. Mountain air, the wide vistas, and the natural beauty will help you put things in perspective and give you a chance to reflect deeply on important issues.

Your Journey through Life

You are a “knowledge-adventurer” and love ideas, thoughts and philosophies. This sense of adventure will take you down many an interesting road, which you usually pursue with feeling and commitment. Your curiosity may at times lead you down fruitless paths, but for you this is not too much of a problem, even if it means you have to double-back. Experience teaches you that there is often more value in making the journey than in arriving at the destination.