Traditional genealogy of bengali brahmins: vArendra brahmins of shANDilya gotra.

These are the traditional genealogies of vArendra families descended from bhaTTanArAYaNa of shANDilya gotra. No attempt has been made to make this page more comprehensible: it is mainly intended as people looking for their origins, and I am sure they will treat this only as material to start them off towards more serious investigation.

It would not have been possible for me to collect this information except for the very useful book called brAhmaNa-itihAsa by shrIharilAla caTTopAdhyAYa. I have no idea how he collected all this material, and what criterion he used to select from among the available genealogies of bengali brahmins. The book has sometimes been difficult to decipher, and interested readers should look at the original to verify my interpretation.

And finally, remember, tradition is not history. Similar caveats apply to the historicity of these genealogies as apply to my own.

  1. nArAYaNa bhaTTa might be identical to bhaTTanArAYaNa.
  2. AdigAJi ojhA.
  3. AdigAJi ojhA had jaYamaNi bhaTTa.
  4. jaYamaNi had vidyApati pAD.e.
  5. vidyApati had hari.
  6. hari had shivAcAryya. (This early part sometimes appears as jaYamaNi -> hari kuja -> vidyApati -> raghupati -> shivAcAryya.)
  7. shivAcAryya had somAcAryya.
  8. somAcAryya had ugramaNi.
  9. ugramaNi had sindhu. (or ugramaNi -> tapomaNi -> sindhusAgara.)
  10. sindhu had jaYa. (or sindhusAgara -> vindusAgara -> jaYasAgara.)
  11. jaYa had 4 sons AdimAdhava campaTi grAmavAsI, manubhaTTa nandanAgrAmavAsI, svarNarekha sihari=shrIhari grAmavAsI and pItAmbara bAgacigrAmavAsI.
  12. manubhaTTa had bhuvana; pitAmbara had sAdhu bAgaci, rudrabAgaci, and lokanAtha lAhiD.I grAmavAsI.
  13. bhuvana had kanaka; sAdhu had lava; rudra had haradeva; lokanAtha had bhUtanAtha.
  14. kanaka had yadu; lava had cakrapANi; haradeva had vAmadeva; bhUtanAtha had digambara.
  15. yadu had veda; cakrapANi had rUpa; vAmadeva had kAmadeva; digambara had acyUta or caTu ojhA.
  16. veda had triloka; rUpa had RSi; kAmadeva had anAcAryya; acyUta had halI, valI, and vallabhAcAryya, who started the karaNa prathA amongst vArendra, and made his daughter lIlAvatI karaNa and gave to udaYanAcAryya bhAdurI.
  17. triloka had gaGgAdhara; RSi had birAi; anAcAryya had raghunandana; vallabhAcAryya had arka bArakaD.iYA.
  18. gaGgAdhara had divAkara; birAi had hari; raghunandana had jighanI; bArakaD.iYA had shrInAtha.
  19. divAkara had kulluka bhaTTa who wrote a TIkA on manu saMhitA and his brother who was the ancestor of siddhashrotrIYa rAjavaMsha of tAherapura which included kaMsanArAYaNa rAYa who was deoAna to the nawAba of bengal; hari had balAi; jighanI had retha; shrInAtha had mAdhava.
  20. balAi had dhõi or dh&etilde;i bAgaci and somAcAryya, the ancestor of the rAjAs of puTiYA; retha had gaNDa; mAdhava had bArakaD.i.
  21. bArakaD.i had nAthAi.
  22. nAthAi had soma bhaTTAcAryya.
  23. soma had shaGkara.
  24. shaGkara had rAmagopAla.
  25. rAmagopAla had rAmahari.
  26. rAmahari had rAmagovinda lAhiD.I who took the shAlagrAma shilA and rAmakiGkara lAhiD.I, a munsI under mahArAja kRSNacandra who got the rest of the inheritence.
  27. rAmagovinda had kAshIkAnta.
  28. kAshIkAnta had rAmakRSNa.
  29. rAmakRSNa had rAmatanu lAhiD.I and kAlIcaraNa lAhiD.I, a doctor in kRSNanagara.
  30. kAlIcaraNa had cirasuhRda.
  31. cirasuhRda had paramAnanda.
  32. paramAnanda had tArAlocana.

The rAjAs of puTiYA descend from ThAkura rAmacandra who descends from somAcAryya [20]. ThAkura kamalAkAnta recieved laskarapura paragaNA from bAdshAh, and started living in puTiYA. rAjA darpanArAYaNa was deoAna to the nawAba. He helped rAmajIvana and raghunandana, the originators of the rAjavaMsha of nATora.

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