Traditional genealogy of bengali brahmins: vArendra brahmins of kAshyapa gotra.

These are the traditional genealogies of vArendra families descended from suSeNa of kAshyapa gotra. No attempt has been made to make this page more comprehensible: it is mainly intended as people looking for their origins, and I am sure they will treat this only as material to start them off towards more serious investigation.

It would not have been possible for me to collect this information except for the very useful book called brAhmaNa-itihAsa by shrIharilAla caTTopAdhyAYa. I have no idea how he collected all this material, and what criterion he used to select from among the available genealogies of bengali brahmins. The book has sometimes been difficult to decipher, and interested readers should look at the original to verify my interpretation.

And finally, remember, tradition is not history. Similar caveats apply to the historicity of these genealogies as apply to my own.

  1. suSeNa.
  2. brahma ojhA.
  3. dakSa.
  4. pItAmbara.
  5. shAntanu.
  6. hiraNyagarbha.
  7. bhUgarbha.
  8. vedagarbha.
  9. jighanI mahAmuni.
  10. svarNarekha.
  11. sindhu ojhA.
  12. sindhu had three sons kaitAi bhAduD.I grAmI, maitAi maitrIgrAmI, and garuD.a. kaitAi's descendants include the rAjAs of Alapa siMha and vRhaSpati
  13. maitAi had sthira.
  14. sthira had dauYAcAryya.
  15. dauYAcAryya had mahAnidhi AcAryya.
  16. mahAnidhi had vRhaSpati.
  17. vRhaSpati had sola, rUpa, and kupa ojhA.
  18. sola ojhA had ambara, keshava, and mAdhava, who was the ancestor of arddhakAlI bhaTTAcAryyas of metara etc.; kUpa ojhA had jIvara ojhA, who initially became kApa because of kaMsanArAYaNa rAYa, but later became shrotrIYa by giving daughter to shrotrIYa.
  19. jIvara had sudhAi.
  20. sudhAi had shaGkarapANi.
  21. shaGkarapANi had shrInivAsa.
  22. shrInivAsa had rAmasharaNa and divAkaraNa, ancestor of the ruling dynasty of nATora.
  23. rAmasharaNa had shUlapANi.
  24. shUlapANi had haripaNDita and vAcaSpati mishra.
  25. haripaNDiita had keshava.
  26. keshava had gaGgAnanda hAladAra who got the title AcAryya.
  27. gaGgAnanda had yajJeshvara and jaYanArAYaNa who got the title talApAtra from the nawAba.
  28. jaYanArAYaNa had shrIkRSNa talApAtra who worked with raghunandana, ancestor to rulers of nATora and got the title caudhurI, and who had the vAsAbAD.I in maYamanasiMha.
  29. shrIkRSNa had cÃrAYa (occupied high post under AlivardI khÃ), kRSNakishora, kRSNagopAla, gaGgAnArAYaNa, harinArAYaNa, and lakSmInArAYaNa.
  30. cÃrAYa had sonArAYa; kRSNakishora had rAmakishora; kRSnagopAla had yugalakishora; lakSmInArAYaNa had shyAma, govinda, and rudra.
  31. rAmakishora had kAlIkishora; yugalakishora had harakishora; shyAma had shambhu; rudra had haracandra and bhairava.
  32. kAlIkishora had kAshIkishora; harakishora had Anandakishora; shambhu had IshAna, Ishvara, and rAja harishcandra; haracandra had rAmacandra; bhairava had umesha, girIsha, and golaka.
  33. kAshIkishora had rAjA yogeshakishora rAYa caudhurI of rAmagopAlapura in maYamanasiMha; Anadakishora had rAjendrakishora; harishcandra had upendra; rAmacandra had shrIsha; girIshaputra had rAYa bAhAdura satIshacandra rAYa caudhurI, jamIdAra of gokulapura of maYamanasiMha.
  34. yogeshakishora had nagendrakishora, yatIndrakishora, and saurIndrakishora; rAjendrakishora had vrajendrakishora rAYa caudhurI, jamidAra of gaurIpura of maYamanasiMha; upendra had satyendra; shrIsha had vIrabhadra; satIshacandra had kSitIsha, jyotIsha, and pRthvIsha.
  35. vrajendrakishora had vIrendrakishora.

The rAjavaMsha of nATora descends from kAmadeva rAYa who descends from divAkara = divAkaraNa [22]. kAmadeva had rAmajIvana, raghunandana, and viSNurAma. rAmajIvana had rAmakAnta (who married rANI bhavAnI, daughter of AtmArAma caudhurI of chAtima village) -> rAmakRSNa. rAmakRSNa had two sons: vishvanAtha -> govindracandra -> jagadIndranAtha rAYa who got the mahArAja title in 1867 shaka era -> yogIndranAtha; and shivanAtha -> AnandanAtha -> yogendranAtha -> jitendranAtha -> vIrendranAtha.

shashIshekhara rAYa bAhAdura, rAjA of tAherapura, and ramaNIkAnta rAYa, jamidAra of caugrAma descend from udaYanAcAryya bhAdurI (whose son pashupati kulAna's sons were the original kApas) <- vRhaSpati who descends from kaitAi bhAduD.I [12].

mAdhava [18] had a descendant called rAghava who married his teacher dvijadeva siddhAnta's daughter arddhakAlI and had descendants now living in metarA, kalAgAD.iYA, khAbAsa, and kRSNapura in dhAkA, elAGgA, bethaira, and shivapura of maYamanasiMha, brAhmaNa grAma or vAmanagÃ, vetIla and durgAnagara in pAbanA. His brother's descendants are in hAlAliYA in dhAkA.

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