Phani Gopal and Shanti Bhattacharya

phani gopAla (b. on kAlipuja, which is always on an amAvasyA or new moon, of Bengalee kArtika 1332; Nov 16, 1925) (30) married Shanti (শান্তি). Their son, Krishnadwaipayan (কৃষ্ণদ্বৈপায়ন) (Dwipan (দ্বীপন); birth date stated as 9 January 1964 on certificates) (31), remembers his birthdate to be September 25, 1964. They settled down in Dumdum near Calcutta. shAnti died on April 3, 1987. phani gopAla died on March 10, 1992.

Krishnadwaipayan, Shipra, and Bratati Bhattacharya

kRSNa-dvaipAYana married Shipra (শিপ্রা) (born Bengalee 7 bhAdra in 1968 AD) on 8 May (Bengalee 25 baishAkha) 1988 and had a daughter called Vratati (ব্রততী) (32), also called Mafia (মাফিয়া), at 4:05pm on 4 May 1989. He passed away on May 4 2021 around 11 am IST from Covid-19.

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