All dates are approximate as they are from people's memory. In particular, a one year margin of error is to be understood on all entries.

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1892My paternal grandfather is born.
1904My paternal grandmother is born. She was considered extremely beautiful, though short in stature.
1904My maternal grandfather is born in early November.
1918My maternal grandmother was born on 11 May. She was considered tall.
1921My paternal grandfather comes to Calcutta and lives in the bAgabAjAra shyAmabajAra region (many residence changes in that region). My father's earliest memories are about a one-storey house off Haralal Mitra Street, just north of Durga Charan Mukherjee Street, closer to it than to Thakur Radha Kanta Lane. He was a schoolmaster in sholok in barisAl, and became a clerk in Eastern Railway.
1934My father is born around 4pm on January 30 in darjipArA hospital (May be North Maternity Home - Darjipara Matri Sadan at 22, Nilmoni Mitra Street, Girish Park, Darjipara, Shobhabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006, India?)
1936My mother is born on 20 Oct in pAnbAD.iYA. There are two pAnbAD.iYAs in Barisal: one in Ulania union of Mehendigunj upazila, and one in Shayestabad union of Barisal sadar upazila. Haven't been able to track down which one my mother was born in.
1940After their property was destroyed by the Phultala river, my mother's family move to pashcima baguD.A, probably West Bogra in the barisal city corporation in the barisal sadar upazila. My grandfather was a school teacher. My mother went to a pAThshAlA in this village.
1942In mid-42 my grandfather goes to dhAnbAd (during bombing of Calcutta) and his family went back to moD.AkAThi in barisAla (except for his eldest son working away in maYamanasiGgha, and the next studying towards matriculation living in mailArA near moD.AkAThi). My father went to the pAThshAlA in manasAtalA, and school in bAmrAil.
1944My grandfather and family return to Calcutta and now live in shobhAbajAra region. He lived in a flat called Rupmanjari Bhavan in Shobhabazar area.
1945My father goes to visit maYamanasiGgha where my just-married (around '43) uncle was a postal clerk (moved from jamIdAra brajendrakRSNa/virendrakRSNa's village gaurIpura to ATherobAD.i). (My uncle later went to other places in the same district, e.g. TAGgAila and shushuG)
1946My father starts school in 4th standard in bAgbAjar high school where Haran was a history teacher.
1947My mother's family moved to jamidAra dhArA bAD.i in nabagrAma near candannagore towards the beginning of the year. My grandfather became a school teacher in cAtrA near serAmpore.
1947The house in nabagrAma (a small village on the railway line between mAnakuNDu and candannagor) is purchased by my grandfather, the one next door by the eldest sister of my father (she never took possession, and the property was thereby lost).
1949My father transfers to what used to be Saraswati Institution school (class 7). Right around this time the school had a morning section (girijAbAlA) for girls, and a day school for boys called Sailendra Sircar Vidyalaya.
1950After a legal battle and private settlement, my grandfather obtained possession of the nabagrAma property and the family moved in there. The flat in bAgbAjAr is sold off to support the family.
1950My maternal grandfather buys property the gAd.pAr bAD.i, and they move there. My mother starts studying in Class 3 in lAlbAgAn bAlikA vidyAlaYa. Her elder sister went to nArishikSA mandir (may be Krishna Bhabini Nari Siksha Mandir), and her younger sister starts in class 2 in lAlbAgAn bAlikA vidyAlaYa. My mother always stood first in class ... this made her school education free. (Something is wrong with this: the current Lalbagan Balika Vidyalaya was established only in 1956; but it might have been established in 1926 instead).
1951My father starts studying in kAnAilAl in class 9. However, because of family circumstances, he decided to appear at matriculation in private. (This is when he had to declare a date of birth which ultimately found its way to his passport.) He starts staying in bAgabAjAra region of Calcutta along with his brothers (raJjita mitrer bAD.i—indurer story in this house), younger sister and other relatives.
1952My father succeeds in completing his matriculation (exam around March, result around July) and then started Intermediate in manIndranAtha (night) college. On 11 Oct, my father starts working in the Indian Statistical Institute with a monthly salary of Rs. 50. His monthly allowance was Rs. 5 (including transportation from college: one way the office bus was sufficient), an his tuition fee in college was Rs. 6/month (half fee).
1953My father and his brothers change residence, still in the same region.
1954My father and his brothers move to the baranagara area (Insitute Lane Mess). They change residences 4 or 5 times (Rajballabhpara: Mejdi was born here, Abhay Mitra, Tobin Road etc.; some of these may be a few years later): the smallest time spent at a residence (in sĩthi) was less than 24 hours :-)
1954My father finishes Intermediate and continues studying on for B.A. in the same college.
1956My father passes B.A. (Bengali, English, Economics, and Philosophy). He tried to join Bharat Sevashram Sangha to go off to British Guyana, but they wanted him to stay in Calcutta as an apprentice, so he decided to stay away :-)
1957My mother passes matriculation (domestic science additional: she first wanted additional mathematics but the school did not offer it, then she studied commercial geography, but the school did not have that as a test subject) in second division (out of 3) and starts candannagore college. She had to coach students to get money (probably about Rs. 6/month for a student).
1959My mother passes intermediate (she wanted science but did not get it without additional math before, she did keep math) in the second division and starts B.A. in hirAlAla pAla college near konnagara (about Rs.12–13/month tuition).
1959-1960My father lives in bAruipArA.
1960-1961My father lives in vasanti studio house
1961My mother passes BA (bengali, English, civics and philosophy with special in bengali).
1961On 26 June, my parents got married. My mother started studying Law in evening college Calcutta University.
1961My father appears in M.A. exam in November. My grandfather came saying he wanted to check on his exam, and went missing.
1962My father passes his M.A. Economics. My mother gave up studying law. On 5 November, I am born in the Eden Hospital when my parents lived at 4A Maniktala Main Road in Calcutta and my parents start living in the house in nabagrAma.
1963When I was about 5–6 months old, a theft in our house relieves my mother of all the property she had or got in marriage (and, this event, probably saved me from growing up in Andaman!). At about the same time, after deliberating over whether to take up a job in Port Blair, Andaman or not, my father takes a promotion and is transferred to Delhi (my mother had merely two sarees when she reached!).
1963When I am 7 months old, I am taken to Delhi. We start living in BD-1043 in Sarojini Nagar. (mAdhu-didi etc. lived in this house)
1964My father became a statistician rather than a computer supervisor.
1966ISI pay scales were rationalized with the central government ones, leading to pay increase for my father. On 3rd August, my sister is born in Calcutta.
1967We lived for a few months on the first floor of a house in A-1 block of the Safdarjang Development Area and then moved to a house in the GI block also in the SDA (ratnA-didi use to live in this latter neighbourhood). At this time, my father's mother stayed with us for a while. I started my schooling in the Vinayanagar Bengali Medium Higher Secondary School.
1968We moved to a house in the Z-block in Hauz Khas (we called it mAtAji's house). I changed to Mother's International School.
1972The part of Indian Statistical Institute my father worked for is takn over as National Sample Survey Organization by the Central Government of India. My father thus became a gazetted officer after taking the UPSC exam.
1973I changed to Bhallavram Mehta Public school.
1975We moved to Y-46 (reNu etc. lived here) in Hauz Khas.
1975My father transferred to Calcutta, and we started living in a house in Barrackpore. We changed houses within a few months and lived in what was called the mA bAD.i. I study in barrackpore kendriya vidyalaya (central school) in Palta.
1976My paternal grandmother died in October.
1977My maternal grandmother died on 24th Feb.
1979I go to IIT, Kharagpur. I was in RK hall, moved from D bottom East to C top East.
1980My parents move to Dover Lane Extension in Calcutta. After a few months in 8/C, they moved to 3/B.
1983My maternal grandfather died.
1984I go to TIFR Bombay. I stayed in C332 Brahmagupta Hostel.
1988My parents move to Delhi, pushpavihAra sector I.
1989My parents move to Dover Lane Extension in Calcutta. After a few months in a flat next to the back gate, they moved to 11/A. I go to BNL, Long Island, NY, USA and live in lab accomodations (11 Fleming House).
1990I move in to 20 Ivy Street, Mastic Beach, NY 11951, a rented house in Shirley with Arden as my housemate.
1991I leave BNL and go to Paris, France; after a weeks stay in a hotel (HOTEL PARISIANA 4 rue Tournefort 75005 PARIS) near Place Monge, move into a rented apartment (24, Rue des Patriarches, Paris 75005) off Rue Mouffetarde.
1992I go to Los Alamos, NM, USA, join the Los Alamos National Laboratory on Nov 9, and start living in Lab accommodation (#3 802 9th street).
1994I move into a rented apartment (#9 Los Cerros, 3000 Trinity Drive). My parents moved to candannagore, renting a place from my mother's sister and her husband.
1999I became a permanent resident of the US on Jan 13.
2001My parents inaugrate their stay in the new apartment (Apartment B/2/11, Jhilpark Economy Apartments, 130 Jogendra Chandra Khan Road, WB 712139) near mAnkuNDu station on Mar 5. (The locality was called Jheelpar in the begining, but now it is called Jhilpark or Jheelpark almost everywhere.)
2003I marry Kumkum Ganguly of 4413 Pine Street #5, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-3945 on the 22nd of November.
2004Kumkum's mother passes away around 3:30am on Sep 3 2004 in Shibpur, Howrah.
2006We buy a new house at 1604 Camino Uva, Los Alamos at 11:30 AM on Friday the 25th of August, 2006, and start to move in on the 27th. We leave our old apartment on the 6th of September around 5pm.
2006Kumkum became a permanent resident of the US on Oct 26.
2015Kumkum's father passes away around 9:15pm on Feb 20 2015 in Shibpur, Howrah.
2015Kumkum becomes a naturalized citizen of the US on Oct 3
2016My mother passes away around 7:30am on Jan 31 2016 in Chandannagar following complications from adenocarcinoma of the lungs.
2016Our daughter, Adrija Bhattacharya, is born at 4:06:35pm MDT on Oct 19 2016 at the Presbyterian hospital in Albuquerque, NM, USA weighin 5 lbs 8 oz.
2022I become a naturalized citizen of the US on Jan 7

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