Traditional genealogy of bengali brahmins: vArendra brahmins of vAtsya gotra.

These are the traditional genealogies of vArendra families descended from dharAdhara of vAtsya gotra. No attempt has been made to make this page more comprehensible: it is mainly intended as people looking for their origins, and I am sure they will treat this only as material to start them off towards more serious investigation.

It would not have been possible for me to collect this information except for the very useful book called brAhmaNa-itihAsa by shrIharilAla caTTopAdhyAYa. I have no idea how he collected all this material, and what criterion he used to select from among the available genealogies of bengali brahmins. The book has sometimes been difficult to decipher, and interested readers should look at the original to verify my interpretation.

And finally, remember, tradition is not history. Similar caveats apply to the historicity of these genealogies as apply to my own.

  1. dharAdhara.
  2. vedAcAryya.
  3. sidheshvara=sidhu.
  4. dvitaYa, aniruddha, whose sons are considered rADh.I, and dAmodara.
  5. dvitaYa had vedAnta [5], dAsu, hari, divAkara, jaYa, shashI and lakSmIdhara who got sanjAminI=sAnnyAla villageand is the ancestor of valihAra rAjavaMsha; dAmodara had bhIma ojhA kAliYAYI gAJI.
  6. bhIma had cakrapANI.
  7. cakrapANI had rAjaguru nArAYaNa who lived in chAtaka.
  8. nArAYaNa had pItambara.
  9. pItAmbara had valadeva.
  10. valadeva had adhipati.
  11. adhipati had jaYarAma.
  12. jaYarAma had uccadhara.
  13. uccadhara had bhoja ojhA.
  14. bhoja had bAGgAla ojhA or anantarAma rAYa or sindurI bAra bhUiJA.
  15. bAGgAla had rAjA ashrutAi rAYa.
  16. ashrutAi had rAjA abhaYa rAYa.
  17. abhaYa had rAjA devIdAsa rAYa or ThAkura kushalI.
  18. devIdAsa had ThAkura kArttika rAYa, ThAkura caNDIdAsa rAYa, who lived in kAbAri kholA, and ThAkura kAlidAsa rAYa.
  19. caNDIdAsa had ThAkura modhAi rAYa, ancestor of maulika of kAbArikholA, ThAkura shaGkara rAYa, ancestor of caudhurI of bhAreGgA of pAbanA, and ThAkura shUlapANi rAYa, who lived in hATuriYA.
  20. shUlapANI had ThAkura Ananda rAYa.
  21. Ananda had ThAkura DAkuYAi rAYa.
  22. DAkuYAi had bhuvana rAYa and sAnanda rAYa, ancestor of rAYa and bhuiJA of hATuriYA.
  23. bhuvana had yadunAtha.
  24. yadunAtha had vinoda.
  25. vinoda had rAdhAkAnta rAYa maNDala, ancestor of rAYa of hATAYila and bhuiJA of dAnyA and kRSNadeva rAYa maNDala.
  26. kRSNadeva had rAmakRSNa and udaYanArAYaNa.
  27. rAmakRSNa had darpanArAYaNa.
  28. darpanArAYaNa had prANakRSNA and jIvanakRSNa.
  29. prANakRSNa had rAjakishora, vrajakishora, ArAdhanA rAYa majumadAra, and golakacandra rAYa majumadAra; jIvanakRSNa had Ananda.
  30. ArAdhanA had kRSNadhana, mahima, and durgA; Ananda had bhavesha, who lives in AnuliYA in DhAka, yogesha, ramesha, and umesha.

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