Krishnendu, Sangeeta, Riya,
and Raunaka Mukhopadhyay

Sangeeta (সঙ্গীতা) (31) married Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay (কৃষ্ণেন্দু মুখোপাধ্যায়) (born 17 November 1960) on 8 Apr 1992 (registry) and 14 April 1992 (social) and had a son called Raunak (রৌণক) (Tito (টিটো), Gaju (গজু)) (32) at about 4:18 am CST(-0600) in Houston on 24 February 1995, and a daughter called Riya (রিয়া) (Gugli (গুগলি)) at 5:38 am EDT(-0400) on October 11, 2002 in Bridgewater. After spending some time in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., they moved to Connecticut and New Jersey, U.S.A. They finally settled in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA.

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