Gurucharan Shiromani (গুরুচরণ শিরোমণি) (28) was a very well known scholar. Partly because of the Tol (school) in our house which was run by him, he was known over a large region; and some of his students were probably living in Calcutta. His death, which probably marked the end of the Tol, may even have been announced in some Calcutta newspaper. Our house was called the shiromani bATi because of him.

guru-caraNa had two sons Satishchandra Smritichuramani (সতীশচন্দ্র স্মৃতিচূড়ামণি) (29) and Gunendra Bhattacharya (গুনেন্দ্র ভট্টাচার্য্য). satIsha-candra had daughter Lavanya (লাবন্য) and two sons Sudhir (সুধীর) (30) and Harinath (হরিনাথ). sudhIra had three daughters, Bela (বেলা), Lakshmi (লক্ষ্মী), China (চায়না), and may be one more. hari-nAtha (30) had two sons Ashok (অশোক) and Alok (অলোক). gunendra (29) had daughter Kamala (কমলা, missing from one list), sons Biswanath (বিশ্বনাথ) Bhattacharjee (30) (d. 2017 at age of 96) and Kartik (কার্ত্তিক) (now dead; missing from one list), and a daughter Sudha (সুধা, missing from one list) who had two daughters, one of whom was called Jharna (ঝরণা). vishva-nAtha's son was Asim (অসীম) (31) and possibly also Jaykrishna (জয়কৃষ্ণ), and he may also have had Nilu (নীলু) and Chandan (চন্দন). Asim had Arindam (অরিন্দম) (32).

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