Vimal Bandhu and Aparna Aitch

Aparna (অপর্ণা) (Khuku (খুকু), b. 14 Apr 1936; Bengalee vaishAkha, 1343) (30) married Bimal Bandhu Aitch (বিমল বন্ধু আইচ) and had two sons called Gautam (গৌতম) (Bappa (বাপ্পা), b Bengalee 14 mAgha, Purnima, 1:30 AM, 1370; i.e. 29 January 1964) (31) and Pritam (প্রীতম) (Bubun (বুবুন), b Bengalee 4 caitra 1378, i.e. 18 Mar 1972) (31). Bimalbandhu passed away on October 20 2007 around 5am IST.

Gautam, Aparna, and Rahul Priyankar Aitch

Gautam, married Aparna (অপর্ণা) (Jolly, who has a brother Kausik, was born 11:38 AM on 13 Apr 1965 to Mihir (মিহির; passed away Aug 19 2014) and Tapati Gupta (তপতী গুপ্ত; passed away morning of July 29, 2007 in India), who was then 23 years of age then, at Lady Duffrine Victoria Hospital, Calcutta), on Bengalee 8 srAvaNa 1395, i.e. 24 Jul 1988. Their son Rahula Priyankar Aitch (রাহুল প্রিয়ঙ্কর আইচ), also called Babuli (বাবুলি), (32) was born on 1 Mar 1992. If the roompages linked above do not give you what you are looking for (or does not work, for they are always changing the URLs!), please go to their family homepage (it has some big pictures, so reload if you time out).

Pritam, Madhulima, and Prerana Aitch

Pritam married Madhulima Ghosh (মধুলিমা ঘোষ) (mou; born May 3, 1972) on Jan 15, 1999. They had a daughter Prerana (প্রেরণা) (Tikli (টিকলি)) (32) at 3:17 pm IST(+0530) on Feb 24, 2000.

Rahul was engaged to Dimpie Tolani, daughter of Krishan Kr (b. Sep 1959) and Rashmi (Sunita? b. 10-28-1963) Tolani (family immigrated from Ulhasnagar, India and finally settled in Syosset, New York, India. Rashmi has sisters Krishna Gurmukhani and Vinita Khushalani, the former married to Chetan has a son Mohit and daughter Reshu married to Krish Israni and the latter married to Raju lives in Barcelona, Spain and has a daughter Heiny. Dimple is sister to Supriya K Tolani (b. Dec 1989) and a younger brother, Aansh), on about July 15, 2023.

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