Index of names in Samantha Butler's Geneology

The major last names covered are Bazley/Bizley (probably a location surname also spelt Beasly: ‘bent grass, wood clearing’?), Butler (probably an occupational surname), and Vernon (probably a location surname from the Gaulish meaning ‘Alder tree’ and name of a place in France). Apart from this, various surnames appear by marriage: Cochraine (probably from ‘Red brook’, a place name in Scotland), Jinks (probably a diminuitive from John, which in Hebrew means ‘Yahweh has favoured’), Johnson (‘son of John’), Lacey (could be from Old French ‘learned’, or from Lassy, a place name in France, ultimately from the Lacian district in Italy), McKerrow, Moore (‘darkie’ or ‘fen’ or from Old Irish O'Mordha), Newman (probably ‘settler’), Priestner, Read (could be from ‘red’, ‘clearing’, or ‘river’), Thompson (‘son of Thomas’, which in Aramaic means ‘twins’), Walls (probably ‘foreigner’), and Wilson (‘son of Will’, which, in turn is from Germanic William from ‘resolve helmet’). (Surname meanings primarily from surname origin list.)

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