Samantha Butler's Geneology

This is Sam's genealogy. It follows a bible which belonged to her paternal grandfather's mother's paternal grandfather and records roughly 150 years till 1968. The bible is currently at her father's house.

As I had first noted them down on a piece of paper about ten years back, and can't always read what I had written, place names may be a bit messed up. When absolutely unsure, or when what I had written down does not make sense, I have put in a ?. means that there may be a family description in the original which I did not copy down. An indented list refers to the last person named at the previous level of indentation.

A name in bold face means that the person is in the direct line towards Samantha, and the family description continues in the main list. Other branches of the family are inserted in place.

This list starts with the Bazley (probably a location surname also spelt Beasly: ‘bent grass’, ‘wood clearing’?) and ends with Butler (probably an occupational surname). It has a short interlude into a Vernon (probably a location surname from the Gaulish meaning ‘Alder tree’ and name of a place in France). (Surname meanings primarily from surname origin list.)

See also the alphabetical index of first names that appear on this page.

  1. Thomas Bazley
  2. Had nine children:
  3. Had six children:
  4. Had 5 children (all born at Gillingham, Kent):
  5. Had:
  6. Had:

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