Abbreviations used here for purana names

I have used the following abbreviations to save space. The transliteration scheme is fairly obvious.

vi	 vangabAshI          edition viSNupurANa
vi ve	 shrIvenkaTeshbar    edition viSNupurANa
vi ba    varadAprasAd basAka edition viSNupurANa
vi shrI  varadAprasAd basAka edition viSNupurANa shrIdhara commentary

bA       vangabAshI          edition vAyupurANa
bA A     AnandAshrama        edition vAyupurANa

ma       vangabAshI          edition matsyapurANa
ma A     AnandAshrama        edition matsyapurANa

bra      vangabAshI          edition brahmANDapurANa

brA      vangabAshI          edition brAhmapurANa
brA A    AnandAshrama        edition brAhmapurANa

ga       vangabAshI          edition garuD.apurANa

bha ve   shrIvenkaTeshbar    edition bhaviSyapurANa

mabhA    vangabAshI          edition mahAbhArata

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