vikramapura (বিক্রমপুর)

Though vikramapura is mentioned very often as a important center during candra, varmaNa, sena and deva dynasties, its exact location is unknown. There is a big ruin in the Munsiganj (মুন্শীগঞ্জ) district in Dacca (ঢাকা) subdivision along its western border with Dacca and Faridpur (ফরিদপুর) districts. But the 40 square kilometers of ruins of rAmapAla underlying some 17 or 18 villages near the villages of pAikpAD.A (পাইকপাড়া) and vajrayoginI (বজ্রযোগিনী) which are near the town of Munsiganj in this region may be the ruins of this vikramapura. These ruins, including the so-called Vallalbadi, are bounded by the Ichamati (ইছামতি) river, an old bed of the Brahmaputra (ব্রহ্মপুত্র) river, and the Mirqadim and Makuhati canals. It is unlikely that Rampala had this region under him—though his friend Samalavarma or Bhojavarma may have had. The local legends also attribute the name to a local grocer, and has a proverb (বল্লাল কাটায় দিঘি নামে রামপাল) indicating that even the Rampal lake was due to vallalasena.

However, the name stayed on as the name of an pargana in later periods, and its area was reduced in 1763 by creation of new parganas. Today, the name is not officially attached to any region, though people from a large region claim to be from Vikrampur. A buest guess would put it historic extent equally to the north and south of the Kaliganga (কালিগঙ্গা) river, a 15 km wide 50 km long east-west swath bounded by the Kirtinasha Padma (কীর্তিনাশা পদ্মা), Dhaleshwari (ধলেশ্বরী), Meghna (মেঘনা), and Arial rivers.

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