TANMAY Gender: M FLN: 2 Expression Number: 2 Soul Urge Number: 2 Persona Number: 9 Recurrent Number:1 Gentle, youthful, sensitive and diplomatic are the words that can be used to describe Tanmay. A very intuitive and understanding person, he gives a great deal of respect to the qualities of cooperation, receptivit, patience and modesty. He strives to be respectful of everyone's emotions including his own. People tend to be protective of Tanmay. They inevitably sense his non-threatening and in fact, deeply caring ans sensitive personality. A follower more than a leader, he is comfortabl being the "power behind the throne". His ability to be tactful and give ttention to detail, follow routines and instructions can prove him to be an invaluable asset. He knows how to make others look good and they reward him for his efforts. He has a great desire to bring peace and harmony, which can lead to the roles of a diplomat, mediator or peacekeeper. He knows how to use a patient and passive approach, in order to draw out a more willing nature from even aggressive individuals. Tanmay, though a friendly person, does take time in getting to know and getting close to peopl. As he is aware of his own emotional nature, he may unconsciously guard against getting hurt by others' insesitive self-centered behavior. A romantic at heart, he may feel quie incomplete withour a partner and it is important that Tanmay's partner respect his feelings. The recurrent number 1 in his name indicates that Tanmay should cultivate the qualities of independence, self-reliance, assertiveness, confidence, determination, initiative and even some self-centeredness to a reasonable extent.
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